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ICT Varsity Foundation Fellow Designs Web-App to Aid Persons With Disabilities

A Mobile Application which seeks to promote inclusive learning is now up for use.

Developed by a fellow of the ICT University Foundation USA, Iboro Inyang, the web App dubbed Inclusive Learning Hub, experts say, is a huge relief to students with disabilities across the continent and beyond.

Iboro Inyang, was amongst some 20 fellows selected in 2020 for the ICT University Foundation USA fellowship program.

The initiator of the web Application says the Inclusive learning hub is a platform built with the student in mind, the Nigerian student in particular.
The Nigerian-born designer said “Our education system, especially in Nigeria has largely ignored the fact that not all brains are wired the same and for the most part has used a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching which puts students with learning disabilities at a disadvantage”.

“A Learning disability or difficulty is described as an issue with the brain’s ability to process information” says Iboro.

“This means that the brain processes information differently than what would be expected traditionally. This does not mean that the individual is less smart or less gifted but rather that the individual needs to be communicated to or taught in a manner that acknowledges his or her unique differences” added the ICT University fellow.

He says “A child that has consistent issues in math, coordination, communication or spelling may not necessarily be lazy but rather may have learning disabilities which stops him or her from learning at the same pace”.
Iboro says he was inspired to build the Application after noticing that as a significant number of learning institutions in the country “do not even acknowledge the condition and most parents or guardians do not even know that their child award may be having this disability or how to handle such disabilities”.

The aim of this platform is to shed light on these disabilities and hope to get more people involved in the conversation, he said stating that “The platform provides some major services at the moment”.

“It is a repository of information where parents Guardians and school administrators can come and learn more about these disabilities so as to be able to provide better help. It as well provides a curated list of schools across the country that cater for the needs of the students with special learning needs” he says.

“Anytime the school repository and information repository will be expanded significantly so as to provide more of the much needed help to both parents and educators. The platform also provides various free, online and certified tests, to tell if your child, ward or student suffers from any of these learning disabilities” he explained further.

In the future, he has announced that the platform should have a Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs page which answers most common questions about the disabilities, ranking for the schools to help parents decide which is best and which best suits their needs and also email updates to parents educators and whoever else needs to learn about these disabilities.

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