Prof. Victor Mbarika

ICT Offers Africa The Best Opportunity To Bridge The Development Gap

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) represents the best hope for Africa to bridge the development gap with the rest of the world, says Prof Victor Mbarika, Founder and Board Chair of the ICT University. With campuses in Cameroon and Uganda, under the leadership of Prof Mbarika, Nigeria is on course as the third African country to host the University.

Based in the USA, the ICT University Foundation funds and designs quality education to people who do not have to leave Africa. The Foundation establishes campuses across the world that have similar standards and curricula like those in the USA. With over 20,000 students served annually, from basic certificate programs to Ph.D. programs, offered onsite and online, the ICT -U has emerged as a formidable hub for education that meets 21st century development challenges…Read full report here by Pan African Vision