Prof. Victor Mbarika

CRTV Press Hour with Prof. Victor Mbarika in Yaounde – Cameroon

In this one hour national TV interview (with other invited guests), I share my views on the wickedness and xenophobia going on in South Africa. I make a strong statement and you can get angry if you want to: BLACK PEOPLE BETTER STOP CALLING WHITE PEOPLE RACIST UNTIL WE SOLVE THESE SENSELESS BLACK ON BLACK KILLINGS. WHY ON EARTH ARE LAZY SOUTH AFRICANS KILLING HARDWORKING NIGERIANS, KENYANS, ETC, WHO HAVE WORKED HARD TO BUILD BUSINESSES AND ENJOY THEIR DREAMS? Some have the guts to say Nigerians deserve to die because their compatriots sell drugs. LAZY AFRICANS MUST SHUT UP, GET OFF THEIR LAZY BUTTS AND STOP BLAMING THE WHITE COMMUNITY FOR OUR BLACK AFRICAN FAILURES. Look at the senseless killings of blacks by blacks in Chicago and other towns. Same happening in South Africa. God help us. I’m angry.