Prof. Victor Mbarika

The ICT University Donates $75,000 of scholarships to The Blind in Cameroon

The ICT University Donates $75,000 of scholarships to The Blind in Cameroon.
We are to announce the $75,000 of scholarships for blind in Cameroon to pursue studies at the Masters and PhD levels at The ICT University campuses in different countries. We just signed an MOU with the Cameroon’s main institute for the blind led by Mr. Coco Bertin (completely blind Director of the Center seen with me below) and Rev. Dr. Libom LI Likeng— “Club des Jeunes Aveugles Rehabilités du Cameroun (CJARC).” By God’s Special Grace, we will be training the next generation of Professors, Department Chairs, Deans and Chancellors that are completely blind.

CRTV Press Hour with Prof. Victor Mbarika in Yaounde – Cameroon

In this one hour national TV interview (with other invited guests), I share my views on the wickedness and xenophobia going on in South Africa. I make a strong statement and you can get angry if you want to: BLACK PEOPLE BETTER STOP CALLING WHITE PEOPLE RACIST UNTIL WE SOLVE THESE SENSELESS BLACK ON BLACK KILLINGS. WHY ON EARTH ARE LAZY SOUTH AFRICANS KILLING HARDWORKING NIGERIANS, KENYANS, ETC, WHO HAVE WORKED HARD TO BUILD BUSINESSES AND ENJOY THEIR DREAMS? Some have the guts to say Nigerians deserve to die because their compatriots sell drugs. LAZY AFRICANS MUST SHUT UP, GET OFF THEIR LAZY BUTTS AND STOP BLAMING THE WHITE COMMUNITY FOR OUR BLACK AFRICAN FAILURES. Look at the senseless killings of blacks by blacks in Chicago and other towns. Same happening in South Africa. God help us. I’m angry.

Priceless Moment: Happy girls at Okitipupa Secondary School

Priceless Moment: Happy girls at Okitipupa Secondary School — in a small town/village in Nigeria. Look at these young happy girls during the commissioning of a digital library at the this Okitipupa Secondary School. In honor of my good friend, Prof. Olukoya Ofen, who graduated from this school, I cane to provide my full support, donating the computers for the library for this great project he initiated. Congratulations Prof. Ogen. That Secondary school has produced a great professor in you. God bless Okitipupa.

The smiles from these little girls make me find reason for what we do in our beloved Africa. Goodness, our continent needs help and support for primary and secondary education. Those of us engulfed in university education may easily be missing something here. I call on my friends to support this Secondary school is with books, laboratory equipment, computers etc.

God bless — Prof. Victor Mbarika

Prof. Mbarika: Africa’s Cameroonian-born Prophet of Digital Economy Hailed in Nigeria & Uganda

Africa’s Cameroonian-born Prophet of Digital Economy Hailed in Nigeria & Uganda

On May 31, 2019, Ugandans celebrated the graduation of the 2019 Batch of ICT-University in Uganda. The Ugandan Campus Ceremony was also a joint graduation ceremony with Makerere University Business School. Hundreds of ICT Graduates, with Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelors, Masters and even PhDs, were poured into Africa’s fast growing economy to bridge the digital gap and enable Africa’s economy overtake the US, Chinese and Indian economies within the next 20 years, especially with the timely kick-off of the African Common Market last week.

Yes, Africa Can! Such is the vision of this 47-year old trailblazing Endowed Professor at the Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (USA) who is also the President  Board of Trustees of the ICT University based in Baton Rouge but with campuses opened in over 10 countries in Africa, including Cameroon and Nigeria.

In fact, before Prof. Mbarika left for Uganda, the Ancient Kingdom of Eziama/Mgbaja Ossah Ibeku in the Umuhaia Region of Abia State in Nigeria on May 19, 2019 conferred him with a Third Chieftaincy title of “OMEZIRI MBA the 1st” in recognition of his immense and relentless contributions to community development most especially in the area of ICT. The new “Igwe” is expected in several other African ICT-University campuses in the days ahead.

by George MBELLA for Success Story Magazine